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Dreamspace 3D Printing & Design is a small, start-to-finish 3D printing company with LARGE capabilities. From building a print farm to making 100 piece orders, we are a full service facility. We are able to create technical drawings and designs as well as artistic sculptures, with the help of open-source designing software.

Not only do we design, sculpt and print products and custom orders, we also build the printers we use. Our printers are “print farm ready” and stack on top of each other. This makes it easy to produce a space saving, production room and gives you the ability to have more printers. Dreamspace uses open-source printers and designs; this helps us customize the printers for price and performance. Other than our wall of stack-able printers, we run one of the largest open-sourced printers on the market. The BFP 475 has a build space of 16”x 18”x 27”.

Our printers are all made by hand in our shop. With doing that, the experience we have with the mechanics of printers is large. One of our many specialties is print services and refabricating. We have done work with many printers in Connecticut. We are able to rebuild any type of FDM printer or their parts. We have worked with the Connecticut Science Center, and repaired their printers.

Dreamspace 3D Printing and Design goes from design to prototype to production in a timely fashion and is working harder to be one of the best one stop print shop.

Meet the People who brought you Dreamspace


CEO, Founder, engineer

From working at the prestigious Lee Company as an Engineering tech, to opening his own 3D printing and design company, Tom has made his job become his passion. He has built,by hand, every printer that is used in the shop and designs amazing one of a kind pieces. Tom has experience with Cad, arduino, and other computer softwares to help promote and build Dreamspace. He is a determined person and gives all of his projects 110%. Some say you can't have fun while you work, but Tom says otherwise


Founder, Lead Designer

Ashley is an intellegent, strong woman who gives Dreamspace a new edge. She is a Certified Solidworks Associate, however does design with other open-source designing program such as Fusion 360 and Sculptris. Ashley has been in customer service for over 10 years and makes sure each customer is satisfied 100%. She takes pride in her work, whether it be simple products to detailed custom designs. Ashley found the magic in 3D printing and is hoping to show every person she meets the same magic!